63 senators back plan to impeach President Jonathan?

Punch is reporting that 63 senators as of yesterday Thursday November 27th have signed up to the plan to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan in the upper legislative chamber.
They reported that one of the arrowheads of the move to remove Jonathan in the Senate showed one of their correspondents the list containing the signatures of the senators. A source told the paper that 8 PDP senators were among the signatories to the planned impeachment notice. There are 109 members in the Senate.

From Punch

An All Progressives Congress senator from the North-West zone, who asked not to be named, told our correspondent that the lawmakers’ major grouse was the President’s handling of the economy and political affairs of the country.
The senator cited poor implementation of the national budget since 2011, alleged high level of corruption and “gross disregard” of the legislature at both the federal and state levels as topping the list of lawmakers’ anger against Jonathan.
Asked whether he realised that the process of impeachment could be tedious and cumbersome, the senator said, “ We know and we are prepared to show the President that we have responsibility to the people and the nation in general.
“We are prepared to lay the impeachment notice anytime from next week. Meetings are already being held.”
Senator Ibrahim Musa (APC Niger North) confirmed that there were moves by some members of the Senate to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President but failed to give details.
“I think there is something like that but I don’t have the details, it is still coming as a rumour,” Musa said.

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  • I think they should impeach themselves first because I have never seen where thugs legislate for right-thinking people. Mtchewww. Ken, despite his shortcomings, dat ‘bastard’ is still the best President we have ever had.

  • Best president indeed, what was the price of petroleum product before Egbere become the president of this country? Security of this country is not that bad before his arrival. All we need is change

  • What are the thieves waiting for? They should quickly impeach him and come outside NASS premises where we will be waiting for all of them without exception to begin Buhari’s fabled dog and baboon bloodbath.

  • Hey Prom! Could you pls “enlighten” many of us who may have divergent view from urs or not know tha GEJ is the best President naija ever produced, the yardsticks you used to arrive at ur conclusion?

  • it is very easy to say anything or type any comment concerning this issue. The fact is that we are having the best president ever and a bunch of senseless lawmakers who cannot assist him in making better decisions. who among us can make free Comment like this during the tenure of past presidents?
    let them impeach him and allow the military to take over, they’ll all die in prison!!!

  • Any person speaking against president Goodluck is blind,foolish,uniformed,selfish and hates Nigeria.As for you ken you have proved you are a bastard who doesn’t know God by calling your President a bastard When u are suporse to be praying for him. As for the lawmakers plotting his impeachment they will scatter shamefully just the way they are gathering b/cos their actions is not for the intrest of this Country but for the intrest of their pockets.

  • Surely they will gather but they shall scatter in seven ways. All dis buhari and his cohorts both his bokoHaram boys will be put to shame with their failure. Nigeria has always been peaceful till he initiated terrorism after loosing 2011 election, terrorist cannot become president of Nigeria

  • You DIShonourable members are really very funny.Why are you hiding under anonymity.if you are bold,mention your names.whether 93,63 or the entire house cannot impeach GEJ.you need to be a criminal to catch a criminal…,since you claim to be holier than thou,you cannot achieve success.

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