7 Foods To Keep In Your Kitchen To Eat Clean

Following a clean and healthy diet is challenging, since you are having to swim against the stream. Modern society seems content to live off of highly processed foods with loads of sugars, hydrogenated fats and artificial additives and preservatives, all of which are harmful to the body in the long run. That is why more and more people are learning to cook more out of their own homes, and keeping the following ingredients in your pantry will make it easier prepare dishes are not only delicious but good for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Be sure to choose apple cider vinegar that is raw and unfiltered and stick it in your pantry. ACV is good for your health in a myriad of ways: it can help ease the pain of heartburn and its probiotic content can improve over digestive health as well as general immunity. It can also help you lose weight, keep the blood sugars stable, improve the absorption of calcium and increase the body’s pH.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil’s medium-chain fatty acids make it wonderful for use in stir fries and baking and carries with it many health benefits as well. This oil will actually aid in weight loss, as it makes you feel fuller for longer and thus less likely to overeat. It also helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), all of which are necessary for good health.


Ghee – or clarified butter, a common ingredient in Indian cookery – can be used to fry or roast foods and also brings a wealth of health benefits to the table. Make sure when you purchase ghee that it is organic and comes from pasture-raised cows. It contains a very rich fat derived from the butter and it loaded with antioxidants that will boost your immunity.

Mung Beans

These can be found easily in most health food stores and are easy to sprout. They are frequently used in Mung Dahl. This traditional Indian dish, where the mung beans are cooked with garlic, onions and ginger in a broth, makes an incredibly healthy dish that nourishes the body and strengthens the immune system.


Regular “table salt” is actually a highly bleached and processed product which has little nutritional value and also bears little resemblance to salts in their natural state. These natural salts can be a treasure trove of enzymes and minerals which are easily absorbed by the body.


Dried seaweeds such as wakame, dulse and arame store easily in your pantry. They are not only versatile foods that go well in noodle dishes, soups and salads, they are a rich source of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and iodine.


Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds and can be used in a variety of both sweet and savory dishes, including smoothies, dressing, spreads and, of course, hummus. It is an excellent source of vegetarian protein and also rich in antioxidants for the maintenance of overall health.

These seven foods fit easily into your pantry and store well. They also make it easier for you to follow a clean diet, since having them “on tap” so to speak can facilitate making many healthy dishes.


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