8 Reasons Why Your Life Should Not Revolve Around Your Man

article-2014824010281437694000The feeling of being in love as well as being loved is truly amazing for all those who experience it. This is also true that this feeling fills in the desire in you to spend more and more time with your man. But, it does not mean that each and every moment of your life should be spent with your partner. Making everything in your life focused on him is not really healthy for you as well as your relationship.
If you want to know why we are advising you not to make your life revolve around him, here they are.

#1. Individuality at stake

In order to please the men in their lives, many women begin to follow them and make every effort to fit into their lives. And while doing so, they usually fail to realise that they are taking the risk of losing their individuality. As a result, many girls end up becoming a shadow of their partners. Well, this is something that definitely your guy would not like. You may like to watch science fiction movies, whereas he may be a sports fanatic; you may like to read romantic novels, but he may prefer travelling. Both of you surely would be two different personalities. But, did he not fall in love with you with all these differences only? So, what is the point in changing yourself?

#2. You will become dependent

If you have already started losing your individuality, then there are high chances that gradually you will feel incapable of doing anything on your own. You would start looking up to him as a support for each and every step you take in life. Agreed, that helping you would make him feel responsible as well as strong. But, seeking his support for even the petty issues of your life might really irk him.

#3. No more friends

We know that everyone’s priorities do change with time. And this certainly happens when someone is in a relationship. But, you might end up losing your friends if you fail to maintain a fine balance between your social life and your love life. If you constantly keep saying no whenever your friends ask you to hang out with them just because you wanted to be with him, they eventually may stop considering you to be a part of their outings.

#4. He might get bored

Ever heard of, absence makes the heart grow fonder? But, if you will spend each and every moment with him, when will he have the time to understand how he feels without you being in his life? Instead of making him feel bored when you are not around, you are going the reverse way. As much you might be enjoying being with him all the time, he might get equally bored of the same situation.
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#5. Your goals lose the track

Spending all your time trying to figure out the ways to spend time with him might make you lose sight of your other things in life. Your career, health, and all other goals of your life will take a backseat in such situation.
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#6. Jealousy might come in

When you would become so habitual of having him around all the time, the reverse of it will become quite intolerable for you. For instance, if your partner decides to spend some time with his friends, there are chances that you will start getting suspicious. It might get difficult for you to understand that he just wants some space, and probably you will look upon his every move with jealousy.

#7. It is unhealthy for you

If all your time and energy would be devoted to him, then there would hardly be any time left for you to take care of yourself. Besides, you might start getting anxious whenever he would ask you for some space. And needless to say, tension is the root to various serious health disorders. So just imagine the impact this behaviour of yours will have on your health.
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#8. End of everything

This can possibly be one of the biggest side-effects of being around your partner all the time. He might start feeling suffocated in the relationship due to this behaviour. And even though it is an extreme step, but he might think eventually to bring this relationship to an end.

Loving someone certainly brings up a feeling of care for the person you are in love with. But at the same time, this love and care should not take other important things of your life away from you. So, make sure you are not one of those to commit “this mistake” in your relationship.

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