Alabo Paworiso Horsfall brings back to PDP 127,000 decampees from APC

Alabo-Paworiso-HorsfallAlabo Paworiso Samuel Horsfall a Governorship aspirants in Rivers State under the Umbrella of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on October 24th sent a strong signal to other contestants on the occasion of his declaration of intent to run for the Governorship election on the PDP platform in February, 2015.

In a stunning show of strength, Horsfall pulled into the fold of PDP 127,000 decampees from APC, a feat that none of the other 16 aspirants has achieved.

Alabo Horsfall is a two-time Commissioner in Rivers State and a former Hon. Member of House of Representative, unfolded a 7-point Agenda in his Roadmap for a New Rivers State.


It is note worthy that no other Rivers state gubernatorial aspirant has

In his declaration speech to a mammoth crowd of party faithful and supporters which included Ikwerre Reality Movement, IYC Worldwide, Association of Muslim Women, Coalition of Non-Indegenes in Rivers State, Mile 1 Market Women and the Opuwari of Kalabari, among several others, Paworiso Horsfall told his audience that his gubernatorial aspiration was propelled by the need to deliver the state and its people from the present state of alarming insecurity, socio-political degradation as well as stagnated economic and infrastructural development.

Leader of the decampees and a former chieftain of the APC in Rivers State, Chief William Igwe, said their collective conviction to dump APC for PDP stemmed from their belief in Alabo Horsfall’s sense of direction, clear thinking and commitment to progressive ideals of social and political well-being and economic development.

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