APC Is Just A Group Of People Using Terrorist Tactics To Destabilize Nigeria – LP


National secretary of the Labour Party (LP), Mr Kayode Ajulo has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of using terrorist tactics in its attempt to lure his party into a merger.

“I dare say that the APC is not a political party, but a group of persons using terrorists tactics in their plan to throw Nigeria into chaos and they should be so treated,” Ajulo said.

The LP National Secretary added: “As big as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is, it does not muzzle us. The ruling party is not forcing us into a merger. APC is harassing us. It wants to force us into a union. It is moving forcefully to takeover our party. That is wrong,” he said.

Ajulo, who spoke in Abuja on Sunday, said that the APC had been attempting to force his party into a union for some time now. He however warned the APC to steer clear of the party, as the was not for sale.

“We believe the subterfuge as embarked by the APC must be checked. Its extant undertakings are not what a political party should be doing. It is trying to muzzle us and this is unbecoming. It is using the tactics of terror groups to harass us and this must stop,” Ajulo told the Nigerian Tribune.

“Merger should not be under duress, just as bribing party officials and some union leaders is criminal and this is not what a political party should be known for.

“Forceful takeover of another political party is against the extant law which constitutes political party in Nigeria and as such, the APC needs to be proscribed. The party’s finance need to be subject to scrutiny,” he said.

Ajulo also stated that the LP should not be misconstrued as an organ of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), adding that the party belonged to Nigerians.


  1. Its a pitty. I wander what is wrong with Nigerains, what has the PDP done 4 this country? I can reason with LP spoke-person because I know him as a hungry & desperate person seeking 4 recognition. Let’s give change a chance & see. The PDP has tried their best but not good enough for Nigeria. Abeg no follow that LP man. This is the 3rd political party he is joining. (Hunger wan kill am)hahahahahahah