APC Slams PDP Over Invasion Of Lagos Offices By Security Agents

Lai Mohammed, APC National Publicity Secretary
Lai Mohammed, APC National Publicity Secretary

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the invasion of its offices in Lagos by security agents.

According to the APC, a combined team of men of the DSS and OP-MESA had in the early hours of Saturday, stormed the Bola Ajibola Data centre belonging to the APC in the Ikeja area of Lagos and arrested 25 APC data agents and 3 security guards.

The party, in a statement by National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, after the invasion on Saturday, described the action as one of the worst political scandals in Nigeria’s history.

“Saturday’s attack is another one in the string of attacks and illegal actions of the PDP-led administration. The attack was unwarranted and unjustifiable. To attack one of the offices of the opposition party, APC, where legitimate operations of the party were being undertaken is an act of fascism and totalitarianism. To the point of brigandage, the invasion of the APC centre is an assault on the APC and its entire membership across the country. It must not go unpunished,” the party said

The APC said it had earlier been tipped off about an impending attack on a ‘secret warehouse’ said to belong to party leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but had dismissed the tip-off, as there was no warehouse.

“…We never imagined that the government will attack the offices of an opposition party in a constitutional democracy. Obviously we underestimated the desperation of the Jonathan administration and its worsening proclivity to impunity,” APC said.


  1. APC should stoap their idiotic, contumacious and criminal approach to opposition politics. They are not above the law and can not stop the police from doing its work even if they bark continuosly like demented dogs which I think they are.

  2. Why does APC cry foul and blame Jonathan for everything in their backyard? Can’t they just allow the police do their work if they have nothing to hide? We, the people, are not blind. When someone does something wrong, we will judge appropriately. This APC party is becoming too noisy( is that d only opposition party?). And who says Tinubu doesn’t have a warehouse? Lies, lies, lies!

  3. PATO, shut d fuck up!….be objective in ur analysis….wat’s constitutional in raiding an opposition’s office? all you pro-Jonathan miscreants are nothing but big fools who open the gutter they call mouth to say shits…no wonder y’all smell foul!

  4. This APC sef, must u blame everything that happens to u on PDP. Sometimes try to find out why somethings happen not castigating the present government in other to get sympathy from nigerians.


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