Artist Spends 3 Years Creating 400-Pound Wedding Dress


Minnesota artist Gail Be spent more of the last three years plus creating a 400-pound wedding dress that was made entirely of over 1 million beads. The dress features a 20.5-foot train which was constructed with seven miles of beading wire, over 400,000 crystals and 500,000 glass pearls. ABC news reports:

The design, which the 57-year-old beading pro hopes will be featured in a movie and ultimately a museum, took over 833 days to complete.

“I kept going and going,” Be, who worked with 23 other women on the project, told ABC News. “It’s in my warehouse and when it finally got to the back I stopped and said, ‘It’s done,’ and everyone got up and clapped.”

As you might expect, the gown — which Be named “Fantasy” — is impossible to walk in.

“It hurt and I couldn’t move, but I felt like a fairy-tale princess. It’s truly like a fantasy,” Jessica Collette, a model who tried on the dress, told the Star Tribune.

Hey, anything to feel like a princess on your wedding day, right? (We kid, we kid.)


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