Boko Haram: Nasir El-Rufai mocks President Jonathan with cartoon


The former minister mocked the Federal Government’s handling of the Boko Haram crisis with this cartoon he posted on Twitter..


  • God punish u hundred times elrufai or elharam. U think we don’t know ur strategies with all d killings of innocent Nigerians which apc has been killing??? U pple went nd bombed potiskum inorder 2 stop GEJ 4rm declaration of his reelection but u see?? U failed. If u pple like bomb d whole north GEJ will reemerge our president come 2015 by then we go know how far. Idiots! Fools! Thieves! Thunder fire all of u!

  • I think Mr. El Rufai is beginning to run mad. A physiatric doctor should be contacted to examine him. I wonder why a man in his calibre should turn himself to the stature of a mere secondary school student. Or is he also into some kind of drugs?

  • I dont know why pple choose to be blind and choose not to face d truth it is obvious dat GEJ is incompentent but pple will open dia mouth and talk rubbish due to personal sentiment i wonder wen nigeria will progress if some pple wudnt accept d truth

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