Boko Haram Take-Over Of Mubi: Military Role Suspicious, Jonathan Not Worth Commander-in-Chief Title – Atiku

Atiku-Abubakar1PRESS RELEASE

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has condemned the recent Boko Haram overrun of Mubi and the hoisting of their flag in Adamawa State’s second largest town, as a tragic act and a worrisome affront to the corporate integrity of Nigeria.

Mr. Abubakar, who was abroad when the attack took place in his home State on Wednesday, 29 October, told a group of journalists on arrival on Friday that: “with what I have gathered so far from online news reports and other sources from Mubi town, the situation is very unfortunate and undermining for our country”.

“If the reports are true that the Armed Forces had abandoned their assigned duty posts a few days before the overrun, it was an indication that the attack was not sudden after all. If the Soldiers also left behind their ammunition and armoured carriers at the mercy of predatory insurgents, it raises a question of complicity in the sordid episode”, he said.

He described as most unfortunate a situation where unsuspecting civilians who had relied on security agencies for their protection and were expecting an improvement in their security status as a result of the announced Ceasefire, were suddenly left defenceless and at the mercy of the marauders.

Mr. Abubakar frowned at the suspected connivance that might have fuelled the sudden retreat of the military in the face of imminent invasion of a vital commercial town, less than three hours away from Yola the Adamawa State capital.

“No Commander-in-Chief or General that is worth his salt will surrender his territory with folded arms and running heels”, Mr. Abubakar said.

“On every occasion that leaders from the North East raised an alarm about the dangerous trend, we have either been ignored or called names”, he recalled.

“If there’s any iota of truth in the suspicion of the people that they were deliberately abandoned, then it becomes a dangerous trend and a bad omen for Nigeria and all Nigerians”, he said.

The former vice president said he is heading to Yola to meet with those managing the displaced people and see what assistance he can render to reduce the sufferings of the people.


  1. Nigerian is not ready to fight boko haram. The rapid intervention battalion of cameroon are having upper hand whenever encountered with boko haram. But whenever our soldiers heard a gun shoot they were runing head to head with th civilians. It is high time for UN to deployed their troops since ours are not capable.

  2. The army, unlike in the past is full of people with godfathers hence the indiscipline. Time to recruit genuine soldier material

  3. The army, unlike in the past is full of people with godfathers hence the indiscipline. Time to recruit genuine soldier material.Besides that the country is at war. All the army Generals must relocate to the front to show why they deserve that rank. The commander in Chief should pay the soldiers a. surprise visit to boost their morale like Hitler, Bush etc did.

  4. Moses u hav said my heart all.the army is full of people with godfathers that why there is no dicipline unlike the police .but lack weapons.

  5. With due respect to Nigeria’s former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, (alias A A), it is most unfortunate that Mubi had been overan by the BOKO HARAMISTS. Just September 11, 2014 the DEFENCE HEADQUARTERS through its spokeman General Olukolade boasted that their men are on ground in MUBI and the terrorists could never get near it. I am a Senior Lecturer at the State University, Mubi. What I saw and heard from most of my friends in the security forces show that indeed there is complicity not just from the security forces alone but with you leaders, most of whom are making huge gain from the insecurity in the Northeast. I do not think that anything is the problem except that most of you leaders of the North know where the problem of BOKO HARAM lies. You also know them and their sponsors yet you pretend not to. Please sir, would President Goodluck Jonathan pay Northern Nigerian Citizens so much to Kill and Destroy their Land? And for how much would he pay citizens like you to do that? Please before you become judgemental again, tell yourself the truth you refused to know that you past and present Leaders from Buhari, Babangida, Shonekan, Abacha, Abdusalami, Obasanjo, Atiku, Yar’Adua and most recently Jonathan and Sambo are involved in this complicity and Killings of innocent Nigerians. Thank GOD I narrowly escaped.

  6. A house that is divided against itself can neva stand…u talk about soldiers havin godfadas….as if we still av soldiers….80% of d recruits at all ranks for d past decades are unemployed nigerian youths and not real men of war. Thr’s a huge difference btween a combatant and sumone who’s just thr to av a job. This is a guerrilla battle , so wen u don’t knw who d enemy is or where he is comin from , d moment u sight d enemy (if ure still lucky to be alive) is to run for dear life.


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