Braithwaite Proposes Postponement Of 2015 Elections, Interim Govt


Founder of the defunct Nigeria Advance Party, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite has suggested that the 2015 elections be postponed until the issues of insurgency and constitutional reconstruction are addressed.

“Those who are preparing for elections in 2015 seem oblivious to the glaring truth that the circumstances of this nation-state dictate that the twin foundational issues of constitutional reconstruction of the nation-state and insurgency must first of all be resolved satisfactorily before any election to realise their own selfish appetite,” the lawyer said in a statement on Friday.

“In default, there will be an interim government in Nigeria to resolve these critical foundational issues. Anything short of this would surely be catastrophic. Let us do everything to avert this.”

Braithwaite, a former presidential aspirant added that the sovereign power of the people of Nigeria, “overrides the unwieldy purloined power, long exercised by an infinitesimal but highly corrupt and recycled military/political cartel of a discernible neo-colonial culture and mindset.”

He therefore advised that the 2015 elections should be shelved because as it stands, it is the same highly corrupt military/political cartel that will find a way to continue the rapacious and merciless exploitation of the masses.

“The evidence of this, is clear in the fact that the preparations are being undertaken by the uncredible electoral Commission –INEC–under the discredited anti-people, military Constitution Decree 24 of 1999. Incredible!

“A ‘Constitution’ that clothes bare-faced criminals in public-offices with immunity. A Constitution that denies the peoples of Nigeria their natural right of fiscal federalism and autonomy, and makes every Governor of each state, a Caesarean Emperor over the people, totally unaccountable – with lame-duck or accomplice houses of Assemblies.”

He said meanwhile, “the centre is made overbearing, making nonsense of the freedoms, inherent in and the bedrock – of Federalism or even confederalism.”

“The Electoral Commission, INEC is a tool in the hand of the executive, both at the Federal and State levels. The present systemic but disgraceful attempt by INEC to foist a two-party or even one party system on Nigerians, is a clear testimony of the subservience of that body to their paymaster.”

Braithwaite noted that the judiciary is not free, especially when it comes to election issues.

“The last straw that has broken the camels’ back in all of the wild projected elections 2015, is the widespread insecurity and bloodshed in the land, especially in parts of the North of the nation,” he said

Elections have been slated for February 2015, but recent events have raised doubts about the easibility of the elections, especially in the northeast where Boko Haram is still in control of some towns. The opposition party, APC has however issued threats, after accusing the presidency of planning to ensure the elections do not hold.