Burglar Mainly Stealing Women’s Underwear In Alaskan Town


An undergarment bandit is actively stealing women’s underwear in Kodiak, an American town in Alaska. Alaska State Troopers confirmed that there’s been a rash of burglaries reported lately. And people have returned to their homes to find items missing, mostly women’s underwear. Associated Press reports:

Fisherman Hannah Clark tells Kodiak radio station KMXT that she began noticing items had been moved around in her home when she returned from fishing trips last summer. But she didn’t connect those incidents to her missing underwear until she heard the news Wednesday.

Clark says she can’t believe “there’s an actual underwear bandit.”

Clark jokes at least the thief has good taste after taking her recent $150 shipment from Victoria’s Secret.

Troopers refuse to release details since it’s an ongoing investigation. But they remind people to lock their homes.

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