Ceasefire: Jonathan Should Explain How Nigeria Was Swindled By A Fake Boko Haram Negotiator – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said President Goodluck Jonathan owed Nigerians an explanation over the ceasefire deal with Boko Haram announced on October 17, which later turned out to be fake as the leadership of the sect has described the man, with whom the deal was struck as an impostor.

The party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in a statement on Sunday said Jonathan needs to tell Nigerians what he plans to do to address the embarrassment he has brought upon the nation. The party also described as extremely painful how the hopes of the parents of the abducted Chibok girls had been raised on the imminent return of their children.

“President Jonathan owes Nigerians an explanation on what has now turned to be an unprecedented global faux pas. Engaging in cheap damage control by insisting on the genuineness of the deal will only amount to taking Nigerians for a ride.

“Now the parents and indeed all Nigerians have been victimized for the umpteenth time by the same government that has failed in its main reason for existence, which is the security and welfare of the citizenry.

“The ceasefire deal with Boko Haram was announced at the highest level of the military and supported by the political authority on Oct. 17th. Now that it has been described as a fluke, there is every indication that the Jonathan Administration was swindled by someone masquerading as a Boko Haram negotiator, while the Administration itself went ahead to fool Nigerians as well as the international community. Whatever happens, the sole responsibility falls on the Administration.

“Following the gleeful announcement of the deal and despite the doubts surrounding it, our party deliberately refrained from commenting on it and even wished it was real so that our long-suffering people can get some respite from the devilish terror group that has dispatched thousands into their early graves, maimed even many more and ruined the economic and social life of a large chunk of the society.

“When Boko Haram continued to carry out deadly attacks and annex territories, despite the so-called ceasefire, we waited for the government to tell Nigerians what was happening, but there was no convincing explanation. When the date announced for the release of the girls passed, we waited for the government to tell Nigerians what the problem was, but all we got from the easily excitable and trifling presidential spokesmen was platitude.

“Now that the deal is said to be a fluke and everything points to that, the Jonathan Administration must be contrite enough to own up to its gaffe, if indeed it is one, or its contrived deceit, and also face the possible consequences from a stupefied citizenry. It cannot and must not just be another forgotten instance in a series of gaffes by a serial bumbling government,” APC said.


  1. this men should learn to respect the office of the president all this foolish talk does not help us the tomorrow leaders of this nation.if you dont read or listen to new arround the world me i do.some of bh members new what is about to happen are seriouly againt it hence the killing of innocent people.FG could waite any longer for lifes to be killed that is why there figthing back.

  2. From the comments here, Nigeria is really in a very deep mess.

    A president announces a truce that turns out to be evidently fake and the hopes of a nation are dashed, people killed and it’s politicized? Why I am not an APC member, I hold that the least Nigerians deserve is an elaborate explanation followed by an apology – by the president himself!

    What else will suffice? Nothing!


  3. @Akaahan..am askn same questions as u,wot has happened 2 our sense of reasonin?its just clear dt we d masses r d actual prob of dz country as we ve thrown our sense of reason 2 sentiments..GEJ has reduced d ofix of d presidency,d military n has led dz country 2 wallow inda sea of visionless visionlessness,hopless hoplesness promoted corrupt practices 2 impunity,divided dz country along religious n ethnic line…dz is wot dz regime wuld b remembad 4


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