Chidinma Reveals Why She Cannot Marry An Entertainer


Chidinma Ekile stargist

In a recent interview, Kedike crooner Chidinma Ekile revealed that marrying an entertainer might be ‘too mad’. 

In her own words: “Personally, I wouldn’t want to, except God has another plan for me. Some people might disagree with me on this one, but I just feel that after the madness in the industry, I just want to go back home to sanity.

You’ll just want to go back to being cool and having your peace, rather than going back to someone who’s also in that same madness. I was talking to someone and the person said: “Chidinma, I don’t agree with you because I think the person will understand you and understand that this is what you do.” But I still don’t think I want to do that.



  1. You know what is right for you but if it happen that someone like me is your man and I saw another man on television holding you so closely I will not be happy with you if am not inthe entertainment industry like you

  2. You have made the best decision. Don’t allow anybody divert your attention. If u marry from the entertainment world you will live to regret it. The reasons are numerous to mention. Follow your hear it is the leading of the spirit.


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