Cockroach Statement: I Was Quoted Out Of Context – Gov Shema

Ibrahim-ShemaComing on the heels of the condemnation of a statement credited to him where he called on his supporters to treat members of the opposition as ‘Cockroaches’ that must be ‘crushed’ at the slightest provocation, Governor of Katsina State, Barrister Ibrahim Shema has stated that he was quoted out of context.

The United States Government, through its Embassy as well as the European Union had condemned the governor for making the statement. While the U.S described the statement as troubling, the E.U described it as ‘extremely dangerous and unacceptable’.

However, in a statement signed by his director of press, Alhaji Lawal Matazu, the governor said the content of the 1min:56sec video was distorted to suggest that he encourages illegality.

Matazu said, “This is completely untrue and Governor Shema hereby emphatically reject the insinuation that was injected into the context of his address at the occasion.

“The content of the video, which was about the need for the Delegates not to allow themselves to be intimidated or harassed was completely taken out of context and distorted”.

The statement noted that Shema has always been against any form of violence and hence could not have encouraged anyone to engage in it under whatever guise.

The statement further quoted the governor as urging all those who may “have been misinformed by the distortion of the media report about his decontextualized speech to disregard the impression created by the report”.

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  • Kindly quote what the governor said. If the US and the EU Missions in Nigeria did not condemn it, it would have stayed. These our rulers should be matured and tolerant for others. Is it because of the huge amount involved to embezzle in governance that could make them to order their follows to crush their opponents to death. Haba, Nigerians, think!

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