DNA From Toilet Helps Police Catch Burglar


Police in Albuquerque have arrested a man  of a $250,000 heist and said he should have flushed the evidence he left behind  at his crime scene.

According to KOAT-TV,  investigators tied Ramon Herrera to the September burglary using his DNA left on a toilet. Police confirmed that the 33-year-old relieved himself while taking $250,000 worth of jewelry from a home while the owners were on vacation, but he forgot to flush.

Police also say he took a Coke from the fridge, drank it and left the can along with his DNA.

Huffingtonpost reported that the DNA from the can and toilet was matched to Herrera. He was recently arrested and booked into the Bernalillo County jail.

Herrera has pleaded not guilty to charges of residential burglary and larceny over $20,000.

It’s not known if he has an attorney who could be reached for comment.

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