Do I Resign From My Oil Company Job And focus On My Husband? [Advice Needed]

“My husband has just advised I resign my oil and gas job so I can focus on a business he started years before we met and married. It is our belief that every family should own at least one business of their own.


As much as I buy into that belief, I am hesitant to resign my oil and gas job as I don’t know whether it would be a wise decision for me as a wife to abruptly just resign. Would it also be wise for me to insist that we have a legal framework where we have equal ownership of the company?

Am thinking this would cause a friction between us. I’m also making a lot of money where I work now and I don’t know what things will be like working with my husband. I really need your advise.


  • I want to believe you are speaking from your heart and expressing genuine fears. If you do not feel safe about resigning please do not resign. you can still be involved in your husband’s business without resigning, if the work is overwhelming, employ competent people. Make sure you prepare for the rainy day like placing money in fixed deposit before the thought of resignation. Cheers.

  • Pls if u knw that it will bring problem to ur husband business then resign u can look 4 someone else who is capable of controlling ur oil company business ok

  • Before u leave your current job, some serious self asking questions have to go through your mind. (1) Is my husband business doing well to cater for the family needs alone? (2) Is my current job indirectly affecting the much needed time with my kids and husband? (3) what sort of husband do i’ve? Is he the authoritarian or selfish or caring lack concern kind of person? (4) even if I decided to run my husband business with him, will my opinion and personal needs be considered? If u’ve sincerely gotten your answers, then do that which your heart tell u! B4 u go resign, the man begin d show him village champion tyn and u and yur kids go suffer!

  • My dear,i advise that you keep your job cos business life is uncertain and human beings are unpredictable!having your own money to spend is a neccessity for you.think very well!gud luck!

  • My dear,i advise that you keep your job cos business life is uncertain and human beings are unpredictable!having to rely on ur husband for handouts is not something you want to experience.think very well.Good luck!

  • is ur current job keep u away from ur family i mean ur kids most important! Ur husband cos men need attention of their wife! If the answer is no then talk to ur husband to give u some time to plan urself then join him in the business after all the business belong to u and ur children but in a situation where ur work dont allow u have time with ur family is not too good! God help u!

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