Elechi Warns Coordinators Of Devt. Centres

Martin ElechiGov. Martin Elechi of Ebonyi has warned new Coordinators of Development Centres in the State against acts detrimental to policies and programmes of the Government.

The governor gave the warning in Abakaliki on Friday when he administered oath of office on the 28 new coordinators who replaced those he sacked on Nov.17.

According to the governor, the sacked coordinators worked against the mandate which they were given on appointment.

“As the government was intolerant of such acts, they had to leave.

“You should understand my ‘body language’ and understand the direction of government policies and actions.

“When you don’t understand the direction we are heading to, ask questions, as you cannot be moving towards another direction while the government moves towards a different one.

“The changes that brought you into office were regrettable, as I expected your predecessors just like my commissioners, to move in the same direction with me.

“They forgot that they were my personal members of staff just as Jesus Christ told his disciples: I choose you and not you choosing me”, he said.

He reminded political stakeholders in the state that the appointment of coordinators remained his personal right, as he was not bound to consult anyone while making them.

“I can only consult when the need arises, as this is not the case of elective positions where the people have their say and elect candidates of their choices”, he said.

Elechi reminded the coordinators that “you are to serve the public and respect your local government chairmen who remain your bosses.

“You should be careful while dealing with financial issues, as I would not fail to sack any of you who gets involved in tax malpractices, forged educational credentials and poor behavioral record.

“You are presently part of the government; I therefore inform you that there would be no Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Assembly primaries in Ebonyi, Taraba, Ondo and Adamawa on Nov. 29.

“We had a lengthy discussion with President Goodluck Jonathan, the Vice President and party’s national chairman.

“We arrived at the decision. So, you are to ensure that there is no violence in your area of authority even at the highest provocation”, he said.