Emmanuel Adebayor Accuses Mum Of Witchcraft. Ejects Her



Togo and Tottenham Hotspurs striker, Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor is reported to have accused his mother and relatives of plotting ‘juju’ (witchcraft) against him aimed at bringing his career to a premature end.

He is said to have sent his mother packing from his house over a year ago and has not set eyes or spoken with her since. Adebayor’s sister called Maggie told a radio station in Accra that the footballer has abandoned their mother and family and won’t even respond to calls from his mother whom he has not seen in over a year.

“As at now, our mother is selling polythene bags, padlocks and other things on the (Ghana/Togo) border. Our mother has not seen him for more than a year and he rejects her calls anytime. Our mother is not calling him for his money, she just wants to see him because she loves him very much,” Adebayor’s sister told Peace FM.

Telling his own side of the story, Adebayor said: “At the airport my mum said, ‘Go to France so you can change the way this family lives.’ She knew that if I succeeded in football we could have a better life and finally get out of poverty. At 15 I wasn’t just playing for my own glory, I was playing for the sake of my family,” Emmanuel Adebayor once told the Daily Mail in an interview back in 2009.

It’s all a different story nowadays as a now matured and wealthy Sheyi Adebayor has strongly defended his decision to stay away from his family by accusing his mother of using witchcraft to attack him, the mother he once hailed as the best in the world and went with to receive the Africa footballer of the year award.

Adebayor confirmed to the same radio station this morning that he has neglected his mother and is out of touch with her and his siblings because they have an evil agenda against him.

Asked when was the last time he spoke to his mother, Adebayor replied, “How can I talk to a mother who together with my sisters have been plotting juju against me?”



  1. Dis guy is out of his and if care is taking he wil lost forever. Ur mother is wil remain ur mother 4ever, go to God in prayer and He wil reveal d secrete of ur problem to u, stop accusing ur mother.

  2. Satan don catch one mugu. Which time your mama become winch? The time wey she born you, or the time wey you be hungryman? Na now wey you be star she go dey winchi you? Oya, check yourself and pray very well.

  3. I am not surprised,that is African mentality. When he was doing well,he did not remember that there is witch,but now he can point accuse finger to his own mother that brought him to life.

  4. This man is the biggest fool in this hole world how can someone accused this own mother over something that is know longer assisting pls he should go fuck himself abeg I no dey like hear this can talk

  5. At this time of civilization adebayo still believe on witchcraft the must lowest evil power on earth ,pls thk or u wll fail ur quest in life

  6. This guy needs help and prayers. He is not acting on his own, infact he is not in his right senses but, one need to find a way to talk to him that if his mother dies at this point, that will be the end of anything called peace and happiness in his life.
    In Africa we have culture and family value.
    If your mother is a witch, you wouldn’t be where you are today, also it will not take her anything to bring you to nothing.
    I will advice that you go back to your mother like a prodigal son and ask for forgiveness. One thing you must know is that, there is no amount of money you give your mother that will compensate her enough for the life she gave you. MOTHER IS SUPREME.

  7. The guy in question is bewitched from helping his family. He is under evil manipluation. He is not doing those things with his sense. So the family should pray for his deliverance from that affliction

  8. This story is true not a jok.give them something but have in mïnd that u must forgive her,keep helping her but be carefull.she is ur mum.we lóve u brother.


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