Eva Alordiah Speaks On Her Struggles With Being A Female Rap Artist


Eva Alordiah stargist
Being a female rapper is a huge deal especially since it’s a male dominated field. Talented female rappers like Eva Alordiah trying to be successful at making this genre of music will tell you it is never easy. In a recent interview with Encomium, the ambassador for the #MadeOfBlack Guinness Campaign spoke about her struggles as she continually tried to make her mark in the Nigerian music industry. Read the inspiring interview below:

On if there was a time she thought of quitting

‘Everyday, yes. But then I get up, wipe the tears, wear my one black shoe and keep on moving.God is your only refuge at the end of the day as a human being. When you live life knowing that God, or something much higher than you, is in control, you would find no need to worry. I have been blessed with the most amazing parents, family, friends, dogs and fans that there is always someone sweet to remind me what a beautiful life this is. Sometimes, that is just about enough.’

On if she has achieved all she wanted

 ‘No not yet. Ha! My work has just started. The struggle days may be over but the hustle has just begun. I aspire to be the very best version of myself as I move along every curve and every bump on the road. I am excited for what lies ahead, but more than anything I am happy to do what I always wanted to do with my life. I wish everyone could be given that chance. I wish everyone could take that chance for themselves.