Fade Ogunro: “Stay Outta My Life”


These days, all you have to do is follow certain socialites on Instagram and Twitter and that guarantees you a front row ticket to the greatest celebrity fights and secrets.

not-so-famous OAP, Fade Ogunro shared an Instagram post that was a message to a particular music CEO she says is trying to sabotage her relationship.

She shared the post but immediately took down the post.


In her long caption she explains that the person that her rant is directed at beats women, especially a female artiste who he is dating that is signed on to his record label.

She stated:

“Dear CEO, 

I have learnt that In life, people will try and lie about you, bring you down, those that hurt you most are the ones that disguise themselves as friends. There’s one particular person in the industry that tries everyday to infiltrate my life and break up my relationship. Jesus will always stop you from hurting me emotionally, physically, mentally. When Jesus says yes, no man can say no! Meanwhile this person stays beating up girls, he stays smacking the girl that is signed to his label, they pretend they are in a loving relationship. Nope, she cheats, he beats her. She has never admitted that she is your girlfriend, she is clearly embarrassed by you. #DumbAss. 

Same nigga wants to lie about me, why you so extra? Stay outta my life, reality is im in love and he hates that. Anyone who is any type of happy he wants to bring them down. Go focus on your sad negative life. No matter what, God has blessed me, deal with it. I have a wealthy heart and I’m cute. You just mad that the only girls you can get are my mans leftovers from 5 years ago. You ugly, you heart is ugly, your intentions are ugly. You will end up lonely and still ugly. FOH!
The world will see you for who you really are! #HaterAlert
The girl who has been in a loving 2 year relationship. ❤️”



Fade also shares that she is in a loving relationship and has been in one for two years.

A few days ago Fade gave a peek into her love life when she posted this picture and captioned it with a heart. She then went to the comment section and posted ‘Forever and a day’.


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