Fayose Fabricating Ridiculous Lies To Deceive Nigerians – Ekiti Speaker

Adewale-Omirin-Speaker-Ekiti-State-House-of-AssemblyThe Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dr. Adewale Omirin, has advised Governor Ayodele Fayose to stop trading in blackmail and face serious business of governance for the benefit of Ekiti people.

Reacting to reports of an alleged plot to frame him up for crimes he knows nothing about as a way of shutting him up, Omirin alerted Nigerians of this devilish plot saying plans were rife to arrest him on trumped up charges.

The speaker spoke on the report by the state-owned EKTV to the effect that he addressed a press conference in Lagos recently where he allegedly told reporters that he would be the Acting Governor that would conduct a rerun governorship election in January,

Omirin through his Special Adviser on Media, Wole Olujobi, said the report allegedly sponsored by the governor is nothing but the hallucination of a serial law breaker, who has chosen blackmail to kill the institutions of government to receive undeserved public sympathy.

Saying that he would not have reacted if not that the unsuspecting public could be deceived by the report, the speaker said he was nowhere near Lagos of recent and so he had no contact with reporters to make that unfounded comment.

“The governor’s agents are on familiar terrain of subterfuge. They had fabricated many ridiculous lies to deceive Nigerians to gain public sympathy. He employed blackmail alleging bribery by the judges to bring the judiciary to its knee. He cowed the parliament through blackmail and accused the lawmakers of demanding for bribes to clear his commissioner-nominees. Insistence by members to follow due process of screening drew a reprisal by freezing the accounts of the Assembly”, Omirin said.

He added, “All Nigerians are monitoring the proceedings at the Ekiti Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja. Damning reports of alleged fraud were established at the hearings and discerning Nigerian public know the truth about Ekiti election matter. He had opportunity to defend his certificate forgery and perjury allegations but he refused to come to the tribunal because he was afraid to enter the witness box for cross-examination”.

The speaker added that as usual, Mr. Fayose has systematically begun the process of blackmailing the tribunal judges over alleged selling off of the judgment to APC.

“He is doing this to sell a dummy to the world that APC already knows the outcome of judgment to be in its favour. Unfortunately, the state media are being used for this unfortunate propaganda.

“All Nigerians are being put on notice about this evil plot”, Omirin said.


  1. Fayose doesn’t seem to have learnt his lessons!!!! The cases against him will soon be heard…whether he likes it or not. He is only afraid. Truth is like a Lion…you don’t need to fight for it…it. Will definitely defend itself once it is set loose….


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