Fighting resumes in Ukraine as peace plan collapses


Fighting between Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatist forces has resumed just as the recently signed cease fire collapsed. It was reported that clashes broke out at the city’s airport which was home to previous fights. More from UPI:

Fighting between Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatist forces resumed Wednesday in Donetsk, as a precarious cease-fire collapsed.

Clashes broke out at the city’s airport, site of previous conflict, and smoke from rocket fire could be seen in the area. The battles began after an accord, agreed to Sept. 5 in Minsk, Belarus, was exited by both sides.

The Ukrainian government claimed the separatists violated the agreement by holding elections over the weekend in the so-called republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, each a breakaway area of Ukraine. Elected presidents were installed Tuesday. Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko responded Tuesday by seeking parliamentary approval to scrap a key element of the agreement, involving self-rule and greater autonomy for the two provinces, as well as an amnesty to separatist fighters.


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