Flavour: “I Don’t Want To Get Married”


By now you would have heard that Flavour’s new album allegedly sold over 1 million copies on the first week.

While the exact sales number is causing some controversy in the music scene, one thing you can’t take away from him is that the album is definitely a smash album.

Flavour is currently promoting his new album with live performances around the country. Last night, he performed in Owerri and will be heading to Onitsha next.

Punch Newspaper caught up with Flavour to ask about his recent success, his baby as well as the ever-present marriage question. Here is what he said

“I don’t like to talk about being a father but I don’t have any plans for marriage right now and it is because my career is very demanding. I would always want to spend time with my family and it is not something I can do now because I am all over the place. I was raised in the proper way with my parents always watching over me and I want to do the same to my family. For now, I don’t want to get married.”

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