Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Hire And Pay “Personal Reader” $1,000,000 A Year


According to reports, the undefeated professional boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr is currently  searching for a “personal reader”, whom he intends to take wherever he goes so as to read everything to him. The boxer has offered $1,000,000 CASH a year to his future personal reader. Huzlers has more:

The Boxer tweeted the offer Sunday morning and also talked to the press about his offer, “Who’s gonna read the menu for me when I go to restaurants? who’s gonna read street signs for me? “, the Boxer asks, “Who’s gonna read all the Facebook and Twitter posts I see everyday? I don’t got time to read all that sh*t myself, this reading sh*t’s too hard for me, if Waka Flocka can hire a personal blunt roller, I can hire a personal reader.” The situation is very similar to rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s decision to hire his own personal “blunt roller”, as Mayweather mentioned.

If you want to land the unusual job as Floyd Mayweathers personal reader, be sure to tweet “#iCanRread” as his twitter post suggested.


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