Four Pakistani soldiers dead, eight missing after checkpoint attack


Pakistani security sources has said that not less than four Pakistani soldiers were killed and another eight were missing after insurgents using grenades and rockets stormed a checkpoint overnight in the remote border region of North Waziristan. Reuters reports.

The Pakistani military launched an operation to push the Taliban out of North Waziristan, their key stronghold, in June. Bases there were used by a variety of insurgent groups to stage deadly attacks in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Three military sources, who asked not to be identified, said a major was among those killed in the attack. Eleven men were wounded and between eight and 10 were missing, they said.

A curfew had been imposed in Datta Khel, where the attack took place, and soldiers were combing the area around the Spara Gher checkpoint for their missing comrades, the sources said.

The Taliban have captured Pakistani soldiers in the past. Sometimes they have been released or have escaped. In 2012, the Islamist group beheaded 17 soldiers and posted a video of the killings on the Internet.

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Four Pakistani soldiers dead

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