Guess What Nike Oshinowo Is Up To This Time


Nike Oshinowo

Popular celebrity and society woman, Nike Oshinowo, is on to the next one.

This time she’s going into the TV showbiz with a show titled, ‘Late Night with Nike Oshinowo’ which will air every Thursday on AIT by 11pm.

Speaking about the show, Oshinowo said it will be an exciting new entertainment and lifestyle late night talk show, showcasing the best of art, culture, music, politics and pop-culture.

The show which will begin on the 27th of November 2014 will be hosted by Nike Oshinowo herself. The season one of this weekday show is set to start with a live studio audience, an in-house celebrity DJ, and also featuring journalist and social commentator, Cheta Nwanze.

Speaking at a chat in Lagos, Oshinowo said the show will serve as a platform for industry leaders, politicians, celebrities, artists, actors and musicians alike to connect directly to Nigerians through engaging and candid interviews.

She also mentioned that she hopes to put Nigeria on the cultural world map with the show using a fusion of the nation’s creative best with foremost international talent and creativity.

“These days, no real questions get answered and no real issues get dealt with but the late night shows will be more real and on when the children are asleep. This will give us an opportunity to have real adult conversation, of whatever could be bothering you,” she said.

She disclosed that she chose to air the show on AIT because she needed a platform that is Nigerian as well as international, adding that the show will melt the affairs of the day into pleasurable evenings of comedy, fashion, music and all round entertainment.