How To End Boko Haram Insurgency In 2 Months – Okorocha

Imo State Governor Chief Rochas Okorocha has said Nigeria could end the threat being posed by Boko Haram in just two months if visionary and efficient leadership is encouraged in the country.

Okorocha stated this on Friday during a dinner organised by him for media executives and nominees from across the country, who were in Owerri, the Imo State capital for the Nigeria Media Merit Award 2014.

According to him, insurgency has continued to gain prominence in Nigeria because some people are benefiting from fighting the insurgents.

He however agreed that no leader plans to fail, and as such, President Goodluck Jonathan and other leaders before him never had bad intentions for the country.

Okorocha said that the country’s major problem was the inappropriate usage of its human and material resources, which he said was part of the reasons why the government has not been able to successfully tackle insurgency in Nigeria.

“No nation is poor in terms of human and material resources, the problem has always been about leadership,” he stressed.

As part of solution to the current challenges facing the country, Okorocha advocated for devolution of power.

“The president is too powerful while the masses continue to suffer,” he said.

The Imo chief executive challenged journalists to be bold enough to question political leaders about their activities, noting that that “the media profession has lost the culture of investigative journalism.”


  1. Talk less and do more, corpers are starving in your state. Remove the log in your eyes befor trying to remove the speck in another persons eye. What tangible development can you really boost of in ur state as a result of your stay in office. Common five thousand naira you can’t pay corpers. Or is it free education program under dilapidated structures. Mr governor control ur state and leave federal matters for does who can handle is pls.


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