Jesus Has Prevented Me From Sleeping With Another Woman Since I Got Married In 2007 – Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo



Popular Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo has revealed in a new interview with City People Magazine that he’s been very faithful to his wife since he got married to her 7 years ago. When asked about his marriage, he said;
“Since I got married, I have not had a carnal knowledge of any other lady but I have been very close to it, been tempted but Jesus has been helping me, it has not happened”

“What does it take? If I am on location and I feel the need, I can fly in, see my babe and fly back to location. At times I would be on location and after a while, I will scream I just have to go home. I don’t know how my body is feeling. I am that straight forward. I will announce it in public. And if I don’t run that time, something will happen” the actor explained.




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