Kaduna armourer arrested for selling police weapons to criminals commits suicide in cell

Deputy Superintendent of Police Nanbol Audu, who was the officer in charge of the Kaduna Armory, has killed himself days after he was paraded with two others for stealing and selling police weapons to criminals and rich people in the state. He was paraded this past Monday October 27th
DSP Audu, an officer who had served in the police force for 30 years and was due to retire in five years, shot himself in the stomach around 5.40am today October 31st inside his detention cell at the police headquarters in Kaduna, it was announced on radio today. The state police commissioner Umar Shehu confirmed the incident.
According to the state police commissioner Umar Shehu, the three men were arrested on October 20th as they tried to leave with 11 rifles that had been provided by DSP Audu from the state armory.
A search on them by other suspicious police officers revealed the stolen armory and N400,000 cash. When interrogated, Audu confessed to the crime and said he provided the guns to the men for personal protection from the Fulani herdsmen who were killing his people in Jos, Plateau state.


  1. This is quite difficult for “idiots” like us to understand. So where did DSP Audu get the gun in police cell to kill himself? Please tell us another story jo.

  2. The Kaduna State Commisioner of Police should be arrested and prosecuted for homicide. It is obvious that DSP Audu was silenced. Who ordered this killing? This is certainly not suicide.

  3. only fools will believe that nanbol shot himself. pls oga commissioner get us a better story & also tell us who gave him a gun in the cell. i also want to believe that the people detained along side the decease will be able to fish out the person that gave him the gun if they too did not commit suicide.

  4. Wonders shall never end, i think we need more explanation in this issue bcos what i have just seen the Commissioner of police Kaduna state Command order the killing of D.S.P nanbul bcos he denied them access to the same rifles,Mr commissioner need to answer some question this is unacceptable the same thinG U people have Using,


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