Kayswitch’s Babymama Responds To Break Up Rumours With Very Romantic Photo



kayswitch_n_gf stargist
Posting photos on Instagram is the best way to shut up rumours as we have seen celebrities do over and over again……A couple of weeks back there were reports that Dbanj’s younger brother, Kayswitch and his babymama were having issues as some photos were published online showing Kayswitch’s babymama being locked out of Dbanj’s home where Kayswitch allegedly lives.

Meenakshi was seen banging on the gates while carrying their adorable seven month old daughter,demanding to see her babydaddy, the security men refused to open the gates for her, perhaps they had all gone for lunch!

Kayswitch was clearly upset with the misconception about things by the media and quickly cleared the air saying that all was well between himself and Meena. First of all, that wasn’t his house, secondly, he really doesn’t know what Meena went looking for but she wasn’t looking for him. Three, he and Meena live together and lastly,  Meena and their adorable 7 month old baby, Rain, mean the world to him.

Meanwhile, check out the photo below:

Kayswitch’s cute daughter

Kayswitch's daughter stargist





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