Man Rapes 5-Year-Old Girl, Blames Her For It


A 51-year-old Ohio man who was convicted of raping his girlfriend’s 5-year-old girl blamed the little girl for his crime during his sentencing. Huff’Post reports:

Clifford Taylor, a 51-year-old former research scientist, was given the maximum sentence of 22 years on Nov. 12, the News-Herald reported.

In October, Taylor admitted in court to molesting his girlfriend’s daughter while baby-sitting her sometime between May and July of last year, according to The child later told her mother, who went to authorities. Taylor was convicted on two counts of rape.

During his sentencing, Taylor blamed his defense lawyer for suggesting the plea deal he had earlier agreed to take “I was threatened with mental incompetence,” Taylor said of his lawyer. “He threatened me, saying there was some reason I wasn’t thinking properly.”

Judge Eugene A. Lucci wasn’t buying the excuse, and explained that Taylor’s lawyer was only asking his client if a hearing to determine his mental competency would be necessary.

Taylor avoided spending his life in prison when he admitted to raping the child, telling a court that he got drunk and bribed the child with Pudding Pops to perform oral sex on him. “I did not stop the child. That’s the part the prosecutor will get me on,” he said at the time. “She wanted a snack.”


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