Meet Girl Who Eats 2 Large Bathing Sponges A Week


19-year-old Rosie Skinner from the UK town of Epsom, Surrey, craves sponges and eats at least two a week by cutting each sponge into small pieces and then sucks on each chunk throughout the day. Huff’Post reports:

She even satisfies her spongy craving during class lectures at Reigate Sixth Form College, where she is a student.

“I have always loved the smell of a wet sponge. I crave that damp taste and feeling in my mouth,” she said, according to the Irish Mirror. “I like the texture as well, it’s a bit like eating cake. I might try one with some icing on one day. If I have a stressful day I love to treat myself to snack on a sponge to relax.”

Skinner’s taste for sponges began when she was 5. There have been times when, like most sponges, her addiction got her in hot water.

She once lost a tooth while eating a sponge and had to explain to her mom how that happened.

When she was 13, doctors had to remove a large ball of sponge that was stuck in her stomach.

“It was a bit of a weird situation. I started having stomach aches and then they developed into really severe pains,” she said, according to the Express. “I was rushed to the hospital where doctors removed a ball the size of a small mouse from my stomach.”

Although the doctors told Skinner to stop eating sponges, she admits that’s hard for her to stomach.

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