Military Recaptures 3 Adamawa Towns From Boko Haram

Boko Haram insurgents

‘Operation No Mercy’ embarked on by the Nigerian military to drive out Boko Haram terrorists from towns taken over in Nigeria’s north east is recording success as three more communities have now been recaptured.

The Defence Headquarters disclosed this on Wednesday via its website.

The hard-fighting security operatives were said to have taken full control of Gombi, Pelia and Hong communities in Adamawa State.

“The Nigerian troops in their daring exploit have taken full control of more communities in Adamawa State, including Gombi, Pelia and Hong,” the message on the DHq website read.

“The ongoing military operations in the North-Eastern Nigeria is to clear all areas infested by terrorists,” the message added.

The statement also said that many terrorists were captured while some died during confrontation with the military.


  • I know our ever articulate n determine nigerian soldier we always win in any battle dey are ready to fight. Who is bloody Boko Haram n Deir supporters b4 ever winning nigerian Army u guys should continue de good works. God is supporting u guy n una go win n wipe BH n Deir APC supporters out

  • Are you sure its BH and their APC supporters? I think its BH and their Government supporters. They claimed to be winning the war over a month ago which means if they continue that way, by now BH would have been history. But then they suddenly realize that it wasn’t about winning the war, but about winning the ‘game’. The emergency rule will be expiring in a month from then and of course that was too far from election plus the fact that the avenue of stealing from the defence budget will be blocked. So they faked a ceasefire and invited their partners in crime to take over some towns, even big towns so it will appear there’s a big problem. Now hunters have started taking the glory of the military and we saw the IGP saying the state commands should take charge of their territories and curtail the activities of unauthorized security operations (what does that tell you). I sincerely think they should stop the emergency rule. Like a senator said on channels, its not compulsory that there must be emergency rule before soldiers will be deployed in the states to ensure peace. Sometimes ago, we saw them on the streets of Lagos and there was no emergency rule at that time.

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