Mubi Now Called ‘The City Of Islam’ As Boko Haram Remains In Control

Boko Haram has renamed Mubi, Adamawa State, the town which it took over about a week ago.

The commercial town is now being referred to as ‘Madinatul Islam’ by the terrorists. Madinatul Islam means the city of Islam.

The insurgents are now in full control of four local governments in Adamawa, including Michika, Madagali, Mubi North and Mubi South.

While severa residents have fled the occupied territories, those who remained have informed sources that the terrorists were firmly in control and had set up check-points across the four local governments to ensure status quo is maintained. The terrorist were also said to have sent word to all fleeing residents to return as they are assured of more security than in territories controlled by the Nigeria.

“They (insurgents) mounted check-points in strategic locations, brandishing rifles but asking us not to panic or run away. But despite assurances of safety and security, thousands of the trapped residents have been sneaking out as they said they would not risk staying in the town for fear of the unknown,” Vanguard quoted Aliyu Bala, a resident who was trapped in one of the towns under Boko Haram control, as saying.

Another trapped resident, Mallam Salisu Baba said the terrorists have ensured normal activities resumed in the town of of Uba, as shops are now being opened for business. They have also assured residents of their safety and freedom of movement.

“The insurgents have assured people of freedom and have been telling shop owners to open their shops, threatening that anyone who fails to open his shop will have the shop broken. Whenever the insurgents want any commodity, they pay for it. This encouraged meat sellers, tea sellers and others to open for business.

“They provided security during the market day of Uba town last Thursday while promising to continue to give market owners and residents who come to the area utmost security as long as they comply with Islamic rules. They have opened one of the filling stations belonging to A.A Garba in Uba town as motorists trooped to buy the commodity due to high demand,” Baba said.

“The insurgents have also warned politicians not to try to hold any election in the state as they vowed to frustrate any of such actions and restated their resolve to capture the whole state in no distant time.”

The Federal Government had just given the military a marching order to flush out terrorists from the captured towns. The military had since deployed more attack helicopter gunships and surveillance aircraft, but as it stands, the towns remain under the firm grip of the insurgents.


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