Muslim Cleric allegedly kills customer, dumps corpse on bridge


Mr. Isiaka Akanbi, popularly called Alfa, has been arrested for allegedly killing a 62 year old woman, Raliatu Kareem (pictured right) after stealing her wallet and other personal effects.‎ According to a report on Punch, the Alfa ‎owns a traditional healing centre on Lawani Street, Olodi Apapa, Lagos‎ and the late woman, Raliatu was his close customer for years.

It was gathered that on Saturday, October 25, Raliatu who lived in Agbado Ijaiye, Lagos, went to visit her niece who put to bed in the Olodi Apapa area. She was said to have left her house in Ijaiye after the monthly environmental exercise was over, informing her 20-year-old son, Abdullahi, of the visit after which she reportedly headed for the Alfa’s place at about 6pm.

Two days after, Raliatu did not return home as she promised and her family became apprehensive, trailing her to Olodi Apapa.
After not finding her at her initial destination, some family members, who knew she was a friend of the cleric, decided to check the Alfa’s place.
On getting there, the Alfa allegedly denied seeing her. The family became suspicious when Alfa reportedly started packing his property, and preparing to leave the house some hours later.
They raised an alarm and headed for the Tolu Police Station to report the incident and the Alfa was arrested.
During interrogation, Alfa told the police that he did not kill the woman, but that she died in his place.
According to him,
“On the evening of October 26, it is true that she visited me. We have been very good friends too. On that day, she just collapsed and became unconscious. I quickly rushed her to a nearby hospital, but I was shocked when the nurses told me she had died. I got a NAPEP tricycle and took her corpse to the Marine Bridge that same night and abandoned it there. I did not want people to trace her corpse to me. When I got home, I buried her wallet, handset, bangle and ring behind my house. I did not kill her. I am an Alfa, I do favour charms for traders. I met Raliatu in 1986. Since then, we have been family friends. She used to come to my place for consultation and I had been to her house too.”
One of the deceased’s children, Abdullahi, said,
“I have seen the man in our house a number of times. But he said she died in his house and he now took her corpse to Marina Bridge and abandoned it. We want him to produce that corpse so that we can bury her appropriately.”
After contacting all relevant agencies in the state, the family said the corpse had yet to be found.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the case and that it has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department, Yaba .

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  • The Nigerian Police are highly professional, the best that can be in the world and will dig out the truth. When a Pastor or Imam/Alfa is involved in a crime, the news take the front pages of newspapers and magazines. The law states that this Imam is innocent till proved otherwise. He may have been saying the truth or may have lied. Let the Police dig out the truth. Nigerian Police personnel are reliable.

  • This is what happens to someone who doesn’t believe in God and seek help from others. Alfa will not help you in any way. He is a priest. The deceased woman in the other hand is greedy and she doesn’t believe in God to take care of her problem. She committed Shirk. May Allah save us from committing sins like this. Ameen

  • That’s exactly what is happening nowadays. People think they need to do rituals to the devil before getting worldly things and they end up getting consumed by the rituals leading to their own death for not bringing a family member for the ritual rites. My people watch out wo. May Allah Forgive our sins and guide us to the right path. Ameen

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