“My Only Regret Is Not Winning African Footballer Of The Year” – Jay Jay Okocha


When asked about any regret as a footballer, legendary footballer Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha said;

“If I have any regret that would be not winning The African Footballer of the Year. But then, I don’t think I was meant to because I gave my best, but at the end, it wasn’t good enough. However, I had a fantastic playing career”

When asked why no other footballer has been able to fill the vacuum of the No.10 position he left behind, Okocha replied;

“I don’t want to sound arrogant but the truth it that there is something special about me. Sometimes, you have special players in a squad, when you lose them, it will take like five to ten years to get another set of such players. Not that the people trying to fill the vacuum are not good, they are great in their own way, but they are not just special. With time, Nigeria will get the special one that will fill the vacuum I left” He told Encomium


  • Austin Jay Jay Okocha was not just good but magical; he touched the ball like no other player in the history of football in Nigeria. He will be difficult to replace. He can be likened to Lionel Messi and even the ball itself came alive and hopping for joy when Okocha touched it. I strongly believe that this was one African player that deserved the African Footballer of the year more than anyone else but still can’t understand why he did not win it. Someday in the future, I foresee that this footballer will get his due honour. Great guy!

  • Reuben, u said the absolute truth. Ronaldinho even said it that Okocha inspired him as a footballer. E pain me sef say he no chop best african footballer o. Okocha is more than just a football player, he’s a genius on the football field, a spectacular footballer, graceful on the pitch… He deserves a whole lot of accolades.

  • Austin Jay Jay Okocha was a genious as a footballer no doubt it.Okocha was a victim of African football politics.Rejoice Jay Jay,even without been voted as an African Footballer,u’re 1 of d best Africa nay world Footbaler ever 2b produced.U remain d best among ur pears.

  • Jay-Jay, i never see a player to qualify you in particular.Whether African best or not, you are my world best.Whenever i see you, i rejoice.You are in the pitch with full of SMILES.Many talents is wasting here in Nigeria.Okocha can get somebody like him here in Nigeria if they give him chance.He may see it inside one timid Village.Please, go and find best of OKOCHA and buy it in the market so that you will understand what is gift.Keep it for future generation.Some that won African is just Grace the God.Entertainers in Football are OKOCHA, RONALDINHO & C
    RONALDO.You cannot learn it, is in there blood.JAY-JAY, don’t regret cos you cannot get all cos if you get all, you cannot recognise God.Oyibo is still surprise what you did to them.Oyibo think they know all but you prove them wrong.You suffered for your country.Your kind hearted is too much.

  • okocha is a fool, he played football for the money, he was a star why did he quit so soon, shame to hi. he did not win African best football of the year he is just going to watch Iheanacho win it soon

    • Hmmmm!
      Okocha is a fool?
      I wonder what exactly is your contribution to Nigeria so far and what is your life’s achievement thus far to qualify you as his judge?

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