Nanny who battered Ugandan baby asks for forgiveness, explains why she did it


There’s absolutely no reason for severely battering a helpless 18month old but the Nanny who is currently in prison awaiting trial for attempted murder of baby Arnella tries to explain why she did it and begs for forgiveness. She’s due in court again on December 8th.

Speaking from Luzira prison, Jolly Tumuhiirwe told

“My dad in Kabale was very sick and my mom did not have any money. I asked my bosses for some money to send to my dad but they told me that I hadn’t made a month yet and my father was dying, so it kept on haunting me. That is the more reason I referred the anger to the baby but I’m sorry.


“But that madam (Arnella’s mom) is not easy. She used to say that I steal money from the clothes and Eric’s wallet, I eat the babies food…and yet I can’t eat the food, I’m not a baby, those were all lies, so, I was also not happy from my heart.”

“I feel guilty..ok when I was doing it I thought I was disciplining the baby because also the mother sometimes slaps her, I also saw from the mom. The torch I used was small and it’s not hard. I think, I will never do it again”

Jolly’s experience of Prison

“It’s not good at all even my fellow prisoners don’t want to associate with me, they want to beat me up. In fact they were saying that I should join them in their rooms, nobody likes me and I’m feeling bad I will never do it again, I ask the world to forgive me and also tell the bosses who have maids to treat them well.”

(Pic above: Jolly holds up the top she was wearing when she was beaten by Arnella’s father – it has blood stains. I don’t think a man should ever hit a woman, but I will make an exception in this case )


  • Africans are heartless. Who so ever could hurt a child of 18months can kill. Both what Eric did for the Nanny is the right thing.

  • such act of wickedness is repugnant to natural justice equity and good conscience.infecting such nefarious act on a minor who is innocent of any contractual agreement or plea for a favor from the parent is total wickedness. I plea with all men of good will to speak and write against this barbaric act without any primordial sentiment. She must be brought to justice or justice will be brought to her.

  • Ha, she still have mouth to talk, unless people that didn’t watch the video. She is a witch, she deserved to be killed. The family are merciful t, let her tank her God is not a nigeria n parents her own would have been sorry now in hell. Assume is me, I would have just ended her miserable life@once. Foolish thing

  • assume I am the baby,s father, I would have just killed her instantly it will be a later story in the police. I don’t think she is born of the human, am sure she is from the kingdom of darkness. Let her tank her gods that the eric,s family are church minded people. Stupid old thing. May God help the innocent baby.

  • It just occur to me that many pple don’t have a heart of forgiveness at all. For anything to have happen there have been a cause yet the lady might have been guilty but don’t forget we are all human beings blood still runs in our vain if it were to be some of us in her shoe and maltreated the way she was maltreated. Some of us will go to d extend of killing not only d child but both parents. Don’t forget the way some couple or family treat there housemaid is unfair lets change. This lady in question has acknowledge her fault and ask for forgiveness. When she is forgiven then can she be healed and live a better life but sending her to jail will only make her d worst. She needs our prayers and love. I Pray God will intervene on her behalf in jesus name. Wishing u guys the very best of december. Love u Bigggggg!!!

  • Pls,no room 4 forgiveness cos if I were to be the mother of d baby, i would have killed her before anybody’s knw about d whole Saga. Imagine what she did to dt little baby and she’s now making unnecessary excuses. She’s a devil. Infact am short of words

  • Olawale i’m very sure u r nt a father dats why u r even talkin abt forgiveness. I swear i wld hv beaten her to death if i wr d father. Bam

  • Olawale i’m very sure u r nt a father dats why u r even talkin abt forgiveness. I swear i wld hv beaten her to death if i wr d father. Bam.


  • even @ all her stupid reasons, she should nt hav done dat to her boss daughter after all d girl s nt d one dt accused her. wicked nanny. she should b charged of murder, dts justice

  • Dos excuses are lame & unreasonable… U av no right wAtsoever so transfer ur stupid anger on dat innocent child n u dare to call it ‘discipline’ u r heartless,hey Kudos to Eric for not killing you!forgiving u is gonna b difficult bt it must be done n dat doesn’t mean u shouldn’t be punished severely.

  • Sinner cannot go without been punished. I pray that the parents of that little damsel find a heart to forgive her but still the law must take its action.
    Sorry housemaid God will bring u out of these.

  • There is no reason whatso ever for this nanny to do what she did, no reason will be accetable to me, even if the baby’s parents are maltreating her, she should have left their house rather than transfering aggression to a SMALL BABY. Bible said we should suffer no witch to live.

  • @OLAWALE,u v no clue to what fogivness is all about,y talk about it!…suffer not a witch to die! She is wicked n a trained witch from hell!.
    @CLEMENT,ur abviously not a family man,so u wldnt knw what it feels like to live with a maid,most of them come intO a home wt no single home trainin n no learning spirit,fustrating the “madam”,some wld use ur perfume,burn the food while watchin tv,or gossipin wt a fellow neighbors maid that ur obviouly not in good term with or even goin to their houses! So for what ever reason that girl has given for ever beaten that girl is crap! I wld hv tied her mouth,cut her frm face to toe and pour salt on the worm and watch her go tru pain then dial 911! Bastard

  • Let’s put ourslvs in d maid shoes. Her dad iz dying n her salary iz her hope 4 hospital bills. Its almost 20th, y will his employees nt shw mercy? Wunt a gud couple tke up d bill evn witout counting it frm her salary? Wen ur parents are in d hospital, sme1 cn b frustrated.. Doin tins u cn nvr do.. Let’s put ourslvs in her shoes..

  • Loshe, I think u shld just shut ur dirty stinky trap up and go on wit ur father and bomb nigeria. U are a big fool for saying this. U are a devil as far as am concerned, U are agent of devil. No fucking reason should ur gf jolly do that to that little infant who know ntn. Y will people be supporting evil like this.? You people are here talking about 4giveness as . God must surely punish that witch for her evil deeds and also punish loshe for supporting satanic attitude

  • @Clement…u are stupid for dat statement u made…u need to watch d scene..u wouldn’t forgive dat heartless, stupid girl for maltreating dat little baby…and u’re not a father I guess

  • Let asume d father of d little girl did nt discover wat appen d stupied nanny might av killed d girl.nw she’s askng 4 foriveness sorry if am d one dat forgivenss wil be a sin cos some of us give birth wit c s so tel d baby dat did nt die during dat operatn Its a useful child. So d maid must die in d prision

  • If you watch the video, how this girl stood on this baby and even threw the baby to the floor when the baby vomited, you will ask the judge to sentence her to life imprisonment. The girl is totally heartless, this her story is just to find herself out and hurt more babies. She is very wicked and should never be released.

  • Dat maid is so wicked my maid did d same to my little boy despite am good to her I will leave her to school with my children she will not take care of dem nor give dem food but she will go to my pot and take food if I come back n ask how many times she feed dem she will tell me like 4times meanwhile she did not but beat dem mercilesly I was fortunate to play dis tric on her she tot I was out wereas I planned with my hubby and hid myself I was so shocked to see her maltreating my children since den if am going out I mount camera every where and with what my hubby did to her I don’t think she will try dat again bcs I tried sending her back my mum n her mum including her were beging me to keep her though I don’t trust her again she will soon go bcs bcs of dat I started hating her my dear u won’t understand

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