NASS Crisis: Jonathan Responsible For Police Attack On Lawmakers– Tinubu


National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu has blamed the action of police officers, who reportedly attacked members of the National Assembly, Thursday, on President Goodluck Jonathan.

In his reaction on Friday, Tinubu alleged that everything that happened on Thursday was well planned out by the president.

“By deploying hundreds of Police to prevent the Speaker of the House from entering the National Assembly, the President has revealed his hand to be a devious one. Having asked the Speaker to convene the House to consider extending the state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, the Jonathan government then deployed the nation’s Police to stop the fourth ranking citizen of the nation from entering his place of work,” said Tinubu.

“Despite the removal of the Policemen and Security team around him he still proceeded at great personal risk to answer the call of duty. He took the risk, believing his personal situation was a secondary thing when the fate of the nation comes into question.”

Tinubu stressed further that the police would not have had the effrontery to do what they did on Thursday if there was no such order from the presidency.

“No Commissioner of Police will ever embark on such an action without the clearance of the Inspector General of police and no IGP will order his men out here without approval by the Presidency. Nigerians know where the buck stops. The Jonathan Presidency must take full responsibility for the attack on the leadership of the National Assembly,” he said.

“Instead of seriously treating Boko Haram’s incursion against our internal security, the President’s men decided to turn the event into a partisan and embarrassing circus. Perhaps they saw this as a birthday present to Mr. President. But it is nothing but brigandage masquerading as governance. What this Presidency does not realize is how terribly it has exposed its pettiness and dictatorial penchant for elevating narrow political interests above the fate of the nation,” Tinubu said.


  1. Shame to Tinubu and all those selling this country. Ladi read ur constitution. The speaker must resign to stop all this chaos. Or is it because he is a northerner that why he is bold? Their time is over.


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