PDP Has Derailed From What We Intended For It – Atiku


Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, one of the founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the party has derailed and it is now working for itself.

Atiku, a presidential aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC), stated this on Friday in Calabar, Cross River State, when he visited APC delegates in the state to solicit their support ahead of the party’s primaries.

“I know PDP more than any one of them,” he said. PDP of today was not the PDP we formed. It has derailed and it is now working for its own interest instead of the interest of the larger society.”

He also gave reasons for the underdevelopment in the Niger Delta region, saying, “The reasons the policies of the Niger Delta are not working are because those implementing the policies of the region are not the originators.

“I developed the blueprint for Niger Delta which contained the amnesty programme, creation of Ministry of Niger Delta and master plan for the development of the Niger Delta, so I know the region very well because I had employed more than 25,0000 people,” he added.

Atiku also urged the APC in Cross River to work together as one, as this would guarantee them victory at the polls in 2015.

He promised to support whoever gets the party’s presidential ticket, should he fail to win the primaries.

“There will be no anti-party issue among us because we have agreed. I will give my full backing to any one of us who gets the ticket,” he said.

Atiku also boasted that all the presidential aspirants on the platform of the APC are better and more credible than President Goodluck Jonathan.


  1. Simple, glib talk. A true owner of a house will not vacate and abandon it at the mere sight of a problem. He will stay put to defend and protect his property. That man should sing us another song.

  2. atiku onye oshi!!! let me also inform everybody here that a renowned thiefs like atiku,buhari the blood sucker,kwonkwoso the froudster,rochas the impostor an hausa man with igbo name,will never smell the presidential seat as long as nigeria is concern.bytheway,hw can bokoharamite be the president of nigeria God for bid not in country where xtians constitute 70% percent of her population,afterall buhari has introdused religious politics in the country during his campaign in 2011 when he told his musilem brothers/sisters that nigeria sai mai salah and urge them to vote for muslem that xtians is an enemy.and i will advice my fellow xtians to vote for xtian candidates or we divide this country afterall we were never made to be one by God because even in heaven there was disintegration between God and lucifer and after the excise God enjoyed peace in heaven,for that reason we should go our seprate ways for peace to rein, if not,am afraid there will be lots of havoc ahead of us if we want to retain the one nigeria.


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