Photos: Co-join twins born in Sapale Hospital, die within 2 minutes



Just received this email, will post it exactly the way it was sent to me. Hope some of you know how to read pidgin English. This is so sad. Read below…

If i dey insult and yab our Government,many people go feel say,i dey carry yarn,becos maybe dem dey benefit from the Government,so dem nor wan hear any wrong thing about the Government.

The parents of this wonderful kids don get other Children but d woman dey find Girl pikin. Na so God come throway two Girls give her according to SCAN wey she do. After many hours for Labour for Sapele General Hospital. Doctors cum find out say if one of the child dey push come out,say something dey drag her back dey go inside. So them cum prepare the Woman for C.S.

My people before God and Man,na “Cojoin Twins” nai d woman produce. After them bring down the children,nai dem contact me,say them get major issue wey pass them for the Hospital. Before i reach the Hospital,i don put on all my Transmitting machines and CCTV camera’s. My dear people of Sapele from the hour of delivery,these children nor last reach 2Minutes,before dem give up. WATER ALMOST FINISH FOR MY EYES. How on earth person go carry pregnancy for 9months,only for her to deliver wetin our Health sector nor fit protect? Wetin cum be the need of the Hospital without basic facilities? E don tey when i dey complain say Sapele General Hospital nor get simple Oxygen and other facilities to meet up our present health challenges,but nobody dey give listening ears. When i reach the ward to go examine the Babies,i cum find out say,na Oxygen dem say,dem use sustain the kids or else dem for die earlier than the period wey dem stay. If we look well for deir pictures under,we go see say,somebody hold oxygen dey inter-change am for the babies to gasp in air to survive. From dis picture,unu go agree with me say,na lack of equipment nai kill dis children becos if the two kids get deir individual Oxygen i nor think say,dem for ever die fast at all,if at all say dem go die for dis tender age.

How a whole SAPELE GENERAL HOSPITAL nor go get Oxygen? Report reach us say our Governor pronounce say Delivery na free for all pregnant women,but if you mistake enter Labour for 30minutes,the baby norva cum down,the wicked nurses wey dey General go just begin dey abuse patients,before u know,them don refer you for C.S,and after the d delivery dem go charge you almost N40K. How dat one cum take be free?

I don dey talk am before say na who get something nai suppose know the value. Our Community Leaders wey suppose use deir influence beg Companies to donate some of dis facilities to our Hospital refuse to talk. Na to chop land money nai concern unu. When i research about Cojoin twins i cum find out say to separate dem dey hard in most cases becos them dey mostly dey share dsame Kidney,Heart,Liver and other human parts. Most especially when dem gum eachother from the Belle side. But dem dey survive and leave well among us. Cojoin twins don become Minister of Health,Engineers,Doctors and other professioner jobs,wey contribute deir own quarter to the betterment of the world. Though i know say we still dey behind to handle such issues but the kind money wey dis Government dey put into Health and where as nothing dey happen,dey very alarming. I dey very sure say the only Oxygen wey General Hospital manage get,nor even dey in good working order and nai make we quick lost this children.
Today i dedicate this morning to dis our priceless kids wey God use take test our medical sector and expose deir anus. As i call on all of us for dis forum to pray for deir Souls. Them deliver the children on Friday wey pass so and dem die dat same friday for same Sapele General Hospital.
Source: LIB