POLL: Should Arsenal Sack Arsene Wenger?

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

After taking a giant step forward in May, by winning their first trophy in nine-years and ending their trophy less streak, Arsenal seem to be bringing back their old-habits.

The summer transfer was the perfect period for Wenger to ameliorate the defensive predicament- A department that has hunted them for years. However, despite sanctioning the sale of Vermaelen, the Frenchman never sought for his replacement, amid the threadbare situation.

Arsenal are eight on the Premier League log with four wins from 12 matches – their worst start to a season in 32 years.

The recent loss to Manchester United at the Emirates was unacceptable, especially after they dominated a huge chunk of the game but failed to score, forcing critics, fans and pundits alike to request for an immediate dismissal to the man that once guided the club to an unbeaten run in the 2003-2004 season.

Alisher Usmanov, Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, also launched a scathing attack to Wenger, accusing him of failing to learn from his past demeanor.

Speaking to CNBC, He said: “He is one of the greatest coaches, not just of European, but of world football. But we have a Russian proverb which goes: “Even an old lady can have a roof falling on her.

“Everybody makes mistakes. He can make mistakes and I know as you age it is more difficult, more challenging to accept one’s mistakes. Does [Wenger] have money or not? There is officially money in the club.

“Arsenal is a dream that sometimes becomes a mirage and sometimes a pain as every dream. [The] potential of the team is there but there is no critical evaluation of mistakes and they need to need to acknowledge them. Because no genius can retain the same level of genius if they do not acknowledge mistakes. It’s only when you admit your mistakes that you can get rid of them.

“My opinion – and I tell it openly – we need to strengthen every position to play on the level of such teams in [the] UK as Chelsea and Manchester City, in Europe like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and other clubs.”

Arsenal battle Dortmund next in the Uefa Champions League and failure to beat Jurgen Klopp’s men could provoke more scrutiny, even though a point would see them qualify to the second round, albeit in second spot in the group table.

SHOULD Arsene Wenger be sacked from his Managerial duty?



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