Propaganda: PDP’s Railways Are Built On TV – Atiku


Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar Thursday warned Nigerians against voting for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2015 general elections. He said that a vote for the party means a vote for every evil Nigerians have suffered from the present administration.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, who spoke in Enugu, insisted that the PDP had nothing to offer Nigerians.

“The PDP government is only good in propaganda. They build railways only on television. There is insecurity everywhere. There is unemployment,” Atiku lamented. “Most of the problems in this country, insurgency, kidnapping, oil bunkering is done by youths because they don’t have jobs. Once they have jobs, they will not engage in such. None of them boasts of this experience. I have contributed to democracy more than all of them. Even when the situation favoured me personally, I rejected it for the benefit of the entire country. Records are there for everybody to see. I have prepared myself. I have experience and I want to serve. If you go to APC states, you see what the Governors are doing. If you go to Rivers, Nasarawa, Lagos, Sokoto, you will see what the Governors are doing. You can see it.”

He said he joined the presidential race to make a change, and save the country from destruction, and has observed that he was the most suitable among the four aspirants vying for the APC presidential ticket. He said that he was the most experienced of the aspirants.

Speaking on behalf of the Enugu delegates, a member of APC Board of Trustees, BOT, Brigadier General Joseph Okoloagu, (retd), said he was convinced that Atiku Ababukar had the capacity to deliver the country, if given the chance.


  1. U joined apc b/cos you knew you won’t get their(pdp) ticket,is the
    train i entered from Zaria to Lagos build on TV too?what is it that you said you have done?be honest to yourself and tell Nigerians how you made your money,just say it and listed or read people comments.


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