Residents ‘Enjoying’ Boko Haram Rule

Some residents of the towns captured by Islamists sect Boko Haram have expressed their happiness at being under the rule of the sect.

With the claim coming from a video released by the terrorist group, it is believed to be released for propaganda purpose.

“As a Muslim man, I am literally happy with Islamic caliphate. We have not faced any humiliation,” Vanguard quoted an unidentified man as saying in a video obtained by AFP.

According to Ryan Cummings, of security analysts, Red24, the video clearly had a different objective from previous messages, with Boko Haram trying to present itself as a benevolent ruling authority and its leader Abubakar Shekau as a spiritual leader.

“Much of Shekau’s previous videos have been filled with anti-Nigerian, anti-Western vitriol, which was seemingly delivered by a madman,” he said.

Boko Haram was said to have urged people of the captured town to remain, as they will be safe under its caliphate, in as much as Islamic laws as interpreted by the group is strictly adhered to. Christianity is, not surprisingly, forbidden in areas captured by the group.


  1. Das a big lie why did dey burnt all d churches in all d places they envaded o my God they think we are stupid nd don’t knw exactly what is going on


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