SCOAN Building Collapse: Aircraft That Flew Over TB Joshua’s Church Identified

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Questions bordering around the ownership of the aircraft alleged by Prophet T.B. Joshua to have caused the collapse of a guest house at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), where 116 persons died has been answered at a coroner’s inquest on Wednesday.

Although several experts have dismissed the claims of Joshua, many have argued that the validity of his allegation, there is need for people to know where the aircraft came from.

It has now been revealed that the aircraft was an air force plane.

“We have found out that the aircraft belongs to the NAF (Nigerian Air Force) and was said to be on a circuit training mission at the time of the incident,” Police investigator Superintendent Olusola Agoi told the hearing on Wednesday.

“This was confirmed by the NAF,” he added.

The plane, which was flying at 1,100 feet (300 metres), was on the flight path to the nearby Lagos airport, according to experts who dismissed Joshua’s claim.

“Based on the distance of the aircraft to the building, it was practically impossible for the aircraft to cause the collapse,” Lagos State building inspector Olutoyin Ayinde had said last month.

The collapsed building was also said to not have planning permission.

Of the 116 people killed in the building collapse, 74 were South Africans.


  1. B4 nko? Only sentimental ppl n some members of his church wl even think of d plane angle. Frm day one,d building collapsed bcos of bad work.D man shld be arrested,if it’s an ordinary but man,he wl be behind bars by can we pity a man that killed over hundred ppl?

  2. The story of a hovering plane making a building collapse is fishy. It is a mere coverup. Planes have been hovering over ancient buildings in Lagos without making them collapse. They fly past building before landing and after taking off. There is a better story about the collapsed building. The owner should apologise to the bereaved persons.


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