See Video Of Tambuwal And His Aides Forcing Their Way Into The National Assembly


This is an entertainment column, but can a story be more entertaining than the story of politicians who are highly respected in the country jumping fences?!?

Earlier today, several members of the House of Representatives had to scale locked gates to gain access to the National Assembly complex in Abuja after they were stopped by security agents.

Some 1000 soldiers and policemen had sealed the entrance of the National Assembly and physically prevented the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, from entering, thereby throwing the complex into chaos.

At least 15 members of the All Progressive Congress, APC, had to scale the gates.

Tambuwal, some House of Rep members were teargassed.

Senate President David Mark eventually had to shut the Assembly down till Nov 25th, next week Tuesday.


  1. A show of shame, really. The blame squarely rests on the police and the presidency. It is a pity the political class have outclassed hoodlums in their behavioural patterns.

  2. It is against the law of nigeria constitution for the police and the millitry for not allowing the speaker of the house into the national assembly it is berberic and against the 1999 constitution we the nigeria have to act fast before the country go onto collapce and is a big disgrace for we nigeria as a nation and I blame the fedral gorvernment for the incident because they are trying to play politics with our constitution we the nigeria can not torrolate this anymore we have to act fast before we will be put into bundage

  3. Shame is to site in the house to protect your own selfish interest and not of the people who elected you. We are very glad that we still have patriotic and brave enough people in the government. We are proud of you,keep it up.

  4. Am not surprise on what we saw yesterday @ the National Assembly because 75% of the house members are never voted in by the masses…. This are hoodlums who forced their way into the house by rigging and manipulation of votes. Its very clear now the kind of people we have as honorable members, people who has been in the line of criminals (jumping fence like cat)….. MAY GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Its a pity dat dis government is makin it a habit now to use policemen against d lawmakers.why would a policeman stoppeed an honourable member frm entryin d chamber if dey r Not actin on order frm above. Its so sad dat dey now subject honourable members to fence jumping.dis same tin played out in rivers stat house of assembly edo state n ekiti state is also heatin up right now, haba my president,dis is now a politics of witch-hunting

  6. I don’t know these failed assembly ar stil being refer to as honourable. They ar dishonourable whose only think about their welfare and nothing more. They will surely pay dearly one day, its a question of time!

  7. It’s obvious that mr president is not busy enough to protect lives and properties of Nigerians, rather he’s fighting to occupy position. Do you think that the position of the speaker is tied to a particular party or persons, where its stated in the constitutions that the speaker of Reps must be a member of PDP. Nigerians are dying everyday, about 300 girls are in the hands Boko Haram and all you are doing is to impeach elected officers! I can see that your interest is PDP and not Nigerian. The judgement of God is upon you?

  8. what ng security is doe its show that their dtn know what is security of life, prpty ,leaders peoples of their countries the only do wha their like leaver wha their dont like an these things their are doens it does not trasferm ng in to better tomorrow

  9. He is showing a very bad example. His so called friends will so push him that before he knows it he is inside the fire they will make to consume him.

  10. Tambuwal can not remain the speaker as long as he had defect to the opposition party cos the constitution state that the party with highest hon will produce the speaker so constitutionally he should not be there any longer so to stop all dis chaos he should honourably step down. And moreover he claim to be a peaceful man so he should let peace reign and stop acting like a thout

  11. The I G P is a disgrace to his family, his state of origin which is Jigawa state,Police Force and Nigeria in general because he has been allowed to be used unconstitutionally by Jonathan not even considering the fact that we have witnessed the tenure of so many I G Ps which were suddenly sacked.Nigerians are watching this Jonathanianism step by step,and we shall see the end of the totalitarianism.

  12. How can that be happen with kind of situation on ground they are
    Only think about 2015 election nothing else in their mind than that
    And jonathan was the cause of everything we can not blame tambuwal for
    Action he perfom a whole nigerian that we call giant of african have became
    Slave of africa can you imagine they didn’t even learn from other contry that did not better like us
    We nigerian have to do something critical fast the ganah evacutes those useless
    Rulers and government.

  13. Greet To all Nigeria. To be sincere, Nigeria Is Now worser than As We Look .1) according To constitution tambuwal need To Resign,He need To withdraw The Post Bäck To The Party He had been elected,tambuwal had defected To manörity and manority cAnnot be d speaker As constitution Say.2) Wot those Reps Did Is nothing But total nonsense As honorable Dey Dont need To Act like that, since The Senate president had declare To Shut d complex down TiLl 25 and Security Men are There Wot they just need Is To Go Bäck and Drag IT Under The law. But in Nigeria here The Is Not For out politicAl its Jst For We civilian. Tambuwal and his colagues need To pay For It. Please Dont blame Jonathan of mention FG.

  14. We are now
    Living in days and times of few Heros and no Statesmen. What would it cost Tambuwal to follow the path of honour Resign and bow out Honourably before defecting. How many days is it to the end of Tenure. None of you all could advice him right. Where are our wisemen, show me one???…. as Socrates asked. When Okadigbo of NPN called Zik of NPP an ant, Shagari of NPN did not okay it and dropped him as his SA. Those were days of the Statesmen. Look at the show of shame and dis-honour! ……… None so poor could do our Democracy Justice……. as Shakespear will say. Judgement of History will come.

  15. It is a pity that the party in power has no respect for rule of law and human right. It is bent on forcing itself on Nigerians after realising its failure.
    The speaker knew what was at stake that was why he jumped the fence. The present administration is made up of ignobles. Anybody that do not agree with its lawlessness is to be forced out at all cost. They do not possess the modest and refined attributes expected of reasonable politicians-tugs, that is what they are. Jonathan and his cronies need education enlightenment and proper orientation.


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