1. I too also ask question where this symbol come from, it belong to which ppl in the world. from history i know this symbol is from Rome, Isreal. maybe our so call politician can tell us better.

  2. The senior special assistance to mr president had cleared air on this,what else do you what huh.I consider all this nothing but determined effort to redicle the federal govt,Again one can only conclude that the writer is not only wicked but absolutly devilish

  3. Pls why the fight of the symbol. This nation belongs to us all, so please all you that are so much against the symbol, remove the arabic witchcraft in our other notes before saying anything. Those that live in glass houses do not throw stones.

  4. Wetin,that is the least of our problems.we want to start blamin the govt 4 symbols on naira note,is that what we should be thinkin of rite now.pls we have problems dat needs solution,not this.we’ll deal wit dat leter,

  5. I don’t know why there’s so much fuss over a symbol. When it’s not like there’s any problem with the money, plus the Muslims complaining, nobody said nothing about the Arabic writing on all the other denominations, so why turn this into an issue? It’s a country if mixed religions, not an Islamic nation

  6. everybody that have commented here is a big fool…the write didn’t say anything against the currency. ..he was only astounded or confused about where the symbol came from….

  7. Sam, may d almighty God punish u with ur statement y will u insult Arabic as witch craft are u mad,do u really have respect for religion?an educated person cannot insult Christian nor Muslim jst drop u comot not insult on religion mind ur stinking mouth Omo ale.

  8. Religion is destroying this country. Nobody is looking at the ‘symbol’ of boko haram trying to destroy the country but we are all reading devilish meaning into what is drawn on our country. If the symbol do not suit you, do not touch it at all.

  9. Don’t let us decieve ourselves, nobody would tell us what the symbol is all about, even our so called presido that endosed it doesn’t know what it means and he endosed it. A fool man walking in the midst of fools. What formular can someone use to solve that. A fool At 50th, probably nothing to generate from it. I rest my case.

  10. Let us all be reasonable bcos dis colonial flag should immediately replace d current green white green flag which is drab and meaningless. I was horrified when d designer was given national award for such a useless piece of art if there was any artistry involved. Dis colonial one is more colourful sophisticated and beautiful. D six star edges can represent d 6 zones of Nigeria. We should adopt it pronto. Alternativel d star should be superimposed on d centre of d green white green piece of cloth presently called d Nigerian flag

  11. The problem we have in nigeria is that we major on the minor. I don’t know the problem the muslim have just bcos of mere logo someone just open his month rather for him or them to sit down see how nigeria can be a better place to live in. To have come up with such a design do u think it was prexy jonat that came up with that some with an idea came up with that just for mr presxy to approve. Let’s the rest of us come up with better idea that will solve our present challenges in ds our country nigeria. Lastly nigeria is a state of equality don’t allow religion to cause katakata btw us. Whether u are a muslim or christian what has made us one is the name NiGERIA not religion.

  12. If we d leaders of 2moro r reading meaning to every signs because we r more educated dan our fathers, den we shall make worse leaders dan our fathers n dats y our 2moro is neva here


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