Stephanie Okereke’s Fans Blast Her Brother


Recently, it was reported that popular actress, Stephanie Okereke’s brother, Daniel, was arrested for allegedly ra*ping a University of Lagos student identified simply as Arinola.

Shortly after, the actress released a press statement condemning the action and applauded the alleged victim for speaking out. The dark-skinned actress also said that the law should take its full course.

However, while her fans admired her courage and stance on the matter, they blasted her brother for dragging their family name through the mud.

An online commentator, Ada Onyema, suggested a punishment she felt best fits the alleged crime.

She said, “I agree with her. The so-called ra*pist is a grown man, not Stephanie’s child or nephew. He should be responsible for his actions! Bloody ra*pist, they need to plug a ring boiler to his penis and let it boil.”

Linda Uche also aired her opinion online while commending the actress for being just.

“Stephanie, keep advocating for women and the Lord will surely crown your efforts. As for that ra*pist, the law will castrate him and he will rot in jail,” she said.

Chi Exotic said that he should face the consequence of his action. “He should be made to face the consequence of his inhuman actions regardless of the calibre of person he is. Rape is ra*pe,” she said.

An anonymous commentator said that Daniel should be ashamed of himself for dragging the family’s name through the mud.

“This guy should be ashamed of himself. Your sister is there working hard and you are busy ra*ping girls. It is either po*rn addiction, plain stinginess or a psychological disorder. I still wonder why a guy like you will ra*pe. You can get consensual se*x anytime, ra*pe is a no no. Let him face the wrath of the law. It’s so annoying,” the commentator said.