Study Proves No One Wants to Hear About Your Vacation

Happy on beach

So you went on holiday to Dubai or Malibu and you want all your friends to know, well, a new study in Psychological Science  has proven that doing that might make them feel bad becuase in reality, they don’t care. Newser has more:

Essentially, researchers found that people would rather talk about an ordinary experience that was shared among them than discuss an extraordinary experience only one member of the group had. Meaning that, if you bust out your Paris photos at the next dinner party, you may end up feeling excluded.

Researchers came to their conclusions by showing people one of two films—either an excellent one or a mediocre one—and then putting them in groups to discuss what they had just watched. The groups were made up of three people who saw the “ordinary” movie and just one who saw the “extraordinary” one, and the lone viewer who got to watch the good movie ended up feeling left out—and actually reported feeling significantly worse after the discussion than those who were subjected to the bad movie.

And, not surprisingly, people wrongly predicted that getting to see the better movie would, in turn, make their social interactions better. “Our subjects thought they would be the star of the interaction, and they were surprised they were left out of it,” a co-author explains to the New York Times. “They didn’t understand why everyone else wanted to commiserate [about the sub-par movie] rather than hear about their great one.” As the study author puts it in a press release, “Extraordinary experiences are pleasurable in the moment but can leave us socially worse off in the long run.

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