Suicide Bomber Kills 6 In New Attack On Kano Filling Station

A suspected suicide bomber Friday hit a filling station along Maiduguri road in Kano, killing at least six people, reports online news medium Premium Times, citing Police.

Kano State police commissioner, Adenrele Shinaba informed the news medium that the terrorist who detonated the bomb arrived the scene of the bombing in a Toyota Sienna van and queued alongside other customers, pretending to be waiting to buy fuel, before detonating the bomb in the car.

Other reports however have it that a gun duel ensued between security operatives and the insurgents.

The CP said the filling station caught fire following the bombing, but the fire was put out by rescue officials, but six people had already lost their lives, and five others injured.

The suicide bomber, the manager of the station, a pump attendant, and three police officers were said to have been killed in the blast.

Police and military officers had since sealed the scene of the attack.


  1. congratulations my country people,i want to announce it loud and clear for everybody to have it in mind,that peace will never return to nigeria polity again untill we do the mind of God based in bible in amos 3:3 because disagreement/ hatred of hausa/fulani musilem has caused us a lot.therefore we must as the matter of urgency divide this country b4 it is too late if not the main trouble and bombings are on the way coming.GOD bless the truthful ones amen.

  2. the point is this, imagine u and your family at your home in the north, and someone comes to your door step and knoks. u open the door believing it’s a friend or a stranger that needs help of being directed to a place he/she is in search for. and when you open reluctantly u see the persin with a bomb tired on him and his about to kick the explosion button, and he is like ‘alawacruba….’ and so on. my question is, would u shout JONATHAN? or…

  3. Emaka i do not share your views that peace will not return to our loving country Nigeria. for me its just a similar phase that lots of other country have gone through. i believe Nigeria can come out of this calamity stronger, wiser and better than before

  4. Nigeria will come out of this whole thing stronger and better. I see beyond all these a glorious country positioned to fulfill destiny. This country will lead Africa and take this continent to the front seat in world affairs. Boko Haram with all the suicide bombers will definitely meet their deserved doom very soon. The end of all evil is very certain. Even the Muslims around me say that Boko Haram is not practicing Islam but evil. The entire world has condemned this group and the Lord God Almighty has signed and sealed the complete anihilation of Boko Haram and its suicide bombers. It’s just a matter of time before that end happens eventually. I’ll live to see the end of Boko Haram just the same way I’ll live to enjoy stable power in Nigeria


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