Suicide Bombing Kills 15 In Potiskum

At least 15 people were killed on Monday in Potiskum, Yobe State after a suicide bombing hit a Shiite Ceremony. 50 people were also injured.

According to police and eyewitness account, a bomb had exploded about 10 metres from a seminary where Shia worshippers had gathered for the Ashura festival, the anniversary of the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.

“We lost 15 of our members in a suicide blast at the end of our Ashura procession,” AFP quoted the head of the city’s Shiite community, Mustapha Lawan Nasidi, as saying.

Potiskum, the commercial capital of the northeast state of Adamawa has been bedevilled by repeated violence despite being under emergency rule since May 2013.

In a similar attack in July, four Shiites were killed as alleged Sunni Islamists belonging to the Boko Haram sect bombed an open-air mosque in the Dogo Tebo area of the city.

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